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"Crime and upheaval comes to the good – and not so good – folk of Bellebrook and creates a charming, comfort read in the process."

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Sasha Morgan - A Country Rivalry
Sasha Morgan - A Country Rivalry
Sasha Morgan - A Country Scandal
Sasha Morgan (as Helen Stafford) - Whispers in Bellebrook
Sasha Morgan (as Helen Stafford) - Bellebrook's Secrets

A Country Dilemma

Opening up Treweham Hall proves challenging to new parents Tobias and Megan Cavendish-Blake, not to mention hosting brother Sebastian's theatre  production.
In Delany's Racing Yard, Dylan is tested not only by demanding clients, but his pretty, young girlfriend who is growing trickier to handle than his horses.
A move to the Cotswolds as the new owner of The Templar was supposed to be a dream come true for Christie Newbury, until her husband dropped a bombshell, sending her world upside down. Daniel James is seeking solice in the

countryside, but is his attraction to the beautiful landlady a distraction he can't afford?
Once again the village of Treweham is thriving with secrets and agendas, but will it provide a happy ending

for everyone?

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A Country Rivalry

Life in the beautiful Cotswolds village of Treweham could never be described as boring, but the arrival of a documentary film crew means that things are even busier than normal.

For the ever-so dashing Lord of the Manor Tobias Cavendish-Blake and his new wife Megan, it's a great advertising opportunity as they've recently opened up their home, Treweham Hall, to the public. And for the chef at the local pub The Templar, Finula, the arrival of the brooding director Marcus Devlin, means her love life is looking up. Whilst at the racing stables, jockey and trainer Dylan Delaney is hoping the exposure will help him find new owners and horses for him and his partner Flora

to train.

But there is more to Marcus Devlin than meets the eye, and he has very personal reasons for heading to the

Cotswolds. And once his plans become clear, life in Treweham may never be the same again.

Sasha Morgan - A Country Rivalry - available from Amazon

A Country Scandal

As the new custodian of the ancestral home, Treweham Hall, Tobias Cavendish-Blake soon discovers exactly what he's inherited. Instant financial action is needed if the Hall is to survive the mounting debts it's racking up. Adding insult to injury the family is forced to sell the Gate House on the estate to lottery winners Gary and Tracy Belcher – not the kind of neighbours Tobias was hoping for.

Sasha Morgan - A Country Scandal - available from Amazon

Megan Taylor inherits her grandmother's country cottage in the village of Treweham and decides to make a fresh start there, taking a job at the local country pub.

When Megan meets Tobias, the attraction is clear, but she is determined to resist his charms, put off by his reputation and that of his best friends – the rakish Seamus Fox, son of a millionaire race horse trainer and dastardly jockey Dylan Delany. But Tobias is a hard man to resist...

Whispers in Bellebrook

When Christian Burgoyne, heir to Bellebrook Manor, brings home his elegant new bride, Suzanna, the reception is rather chillier than expected.

Bellebrook village is close-knit and relationships from the past play a part in its inhabitant's future, particularly for Sam, Christian's illegitimate son.

Sasha Morgan - Whispers in Bellebrook - available from Amazon

The vicar, Peter Winrow, tries to keep his bohemian wife Trudy happy, but it's difficult when she's Sam's mother and when his own dark history creeps up on him.

Set in the beautiful Cotswolds, this is a story which will warm your heart and prove that first impressions can often be misleading.

Bellebrook's Secrets

Alistair Burgoyne, QC and owner of the village manor, assumes he is untouchable, until his family are tousled by Trudy Hampstead, a young girl with more kick and spirit than a lethal cocktail, who proves to be even more toxic than he is.

The residents of Bellebrook all have their own agenda, there's Matt Lovestock, a local farmer, with an unsuitable 'townie' wife, who also has reason to score even with the Burgoynes, his revenge knows no bounds.

Sasha Morgan - Bellebrook's Secrets - available from Amazon

Lizzie Hampstead, a widow and mother to twins, just wants a quiet life, no such luck...and just what is it about Peter Winrow, the rather insipid, quivering, nervous wreck of a curate?

How will it all pan out? Will the good people of Bellebrook get their own way? Some may, some may not, others certainly get what they deserve.

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